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Tidal offers a new plan to listen music for free

TechnologyTidal offers a new plan to listen music for free

While Tidal allows you to try the platform’s features for free for a period of time, it does not have a free plan like, for example, Spotify.

A dynamic that is already changing. Tidal begins to implement its free plan along with other changes to the platform that improve conditions for artists.

The Tidal team shared a series of announcements mentioning that they are improving the platform’s offering:

We’re building a platform that values art, artists and culture, and for the first time, we’re opening up the platform experience to a broader group of fans with the free tier

The Tidal’s free plan

Yes, they are adding a free plan for those who do not want to take the step to premium plans. The modality that will implement this new plan is the same that we have already seen in other platforms, for example, Spotify. The user will be able to listen to music for free, but with some interruptions to make way for advertising.

Tidal mentions that advertising interruptions will be limited, although it does not specify how this dynamic works. In addition to advertising, the sound quality will be another distinctive feature of the free plan, although you will be able to enjoy the full catalog of music with millions of songs.

The Tidal’s paid plans

And on the other hand, the rest of the paid plans will continue to be maintained: HiFi and HiFi Plus. Each of them with different features and access to exclusive content. And an extra, which offers the most expensive premium plan of Tidal, is that 10% of the monthly subscription payment paid by the user goes directly to the artist who listens the most.

For the moment, this new free Tidal plan is only being implemented in the United States.


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