The technology industry does not take steps forward, it makes real leaps with each new advance. Today it is tremendously simple and effective to create 3D animations that are breathtakingly realistic. One of the graphic engines that leads this potential is Unreal Engine 5, which is managing to squeeze the creativity of designers.

While MetaHuman Creator is a tool from Epic for modeling photorealistic humans, the company Ziva Dynamic has also gone all out. For this purpose, it has created ZRT Face Trainer, a proprietary application that is capable of generating facial animations of the highest level.

The truth is that this program, which is currently in beta, is scary. The company explains that the idea is to be able to “perform the most complex expressions in real time”. To do this, they have a library of 4D scans (more than 15TB), they have 72,000 face shapes and are able to generate your realistic character in just 1 hour.

In fact, they have also created other non-human faces of enormous variety for fantasy projects. The best thing is that ZRT Face Trainer is not exclusively for use in Unreal Engine 5, but can be ported to many other graphics engines.


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