During December, Warzone will experience one of its most important moments since its launch. The battle royale will finally receive a completely new map. And by “completely” we mean a scenario that is in no way inspired by Verdansk. Its name is Caldera, and Raven Software has shared a trailer and an extensive gallery of images to show it in detail. In short, it is very different from the current map.

Caldera, new Warzone map

Caldera is set in the Pacific during World War II. Thus, you’ll see buildings and other types of constructions in keeping with the era. Given the location of the territory, you will be able to observe a tropical environment where green vegetation predominates in practically all the island. There are also places with waterfalls and even ruins of ancient civilizations. In general, Caldera is perceived as a much more attractive place.

According to Raven Software, they took their community’s feedback into account when designing the new Warzone map. “Caldera features 15 huge unique areas to explore and fight in as soon as Operation Vulcan kicks off. There are also hundreds of smaller points of interest to investigate that you can take advantage of to gain tactical advantages,” they add. To back up the above, they shared a topographical aerial view where you can see all the areas available in Caldera. You’d better start learning them now:

Warzone Caldera mapIt is also known that Caldera is slightly larger than Verdansk. Another great news is that Warzone will embrace aerial combat thanks to the incorporation of airplanes. Undoubtedly, this is an addition that adds variety to the gameplay experience. Not only for those who have the chance to fly, but also for those who are on the ground, since it will be possible to use the new anti-aircraft vehicles to shoot down airplanes.

Changes in Warzone

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that Warzone will have some important changes in terms of gameplay. Beyond including Vanguard weapons, @CharlieINTEL reports that the proximity sensor and Dead Silence, used by many players, will be nerfed.

When will you be able to venture into Caldera? The new map will be available from December 9. However, if you bought Call of Duty: Vanguard, you will be able to access it from December 8. Ricochet, Warzone’s new anti-cheat system, will also debut on those days.


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