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How is Sony’s $9,000 drone?


Airpeak S1 is the name of a drone that is already available to order on the Christmas list, although its $9,000 price tag will make buyers think twice before purchase.

Introduced at this year’s CES, 11 months ago, shipments will be made from December 24. and is intended for video professionals, mainly so that it can charge Sony mirrorless cameras.

Its battery allows 22 minutes of flight without payload and up to 12 minutes with the camera underneath (they give an example of a Sony A7S Mark III camera, but it is compatible with many other models).
On their website they indicate that it has been developed internally by Sony engineers, from the propellers to the motors, and that it is equipped with the latest sensor technology to ensure high precision control and stability, even in low altitude flights.

About the stability, they assure that it can remain stable even with winds up to 70 km/h, so it is clear that we are not talking about a drone for amateurs, but a tremendous machine that can record movies even with strong wind (or high altitudes, where there is more wind). It has four propellers, a remote control, two batteries and a battery charger, but no camera is included in the price.

It features uniquely designed 5-way stereo cameras and a vision detection processor, so it can maintain flight stability even without the support of the global satellite navigation system. The cameras also work in low light, and can take extremely detailed aerial photographs for both commercial and industrial use.

The drone, remote control, camera and gimbal can be controlled with the Airpeak Flight app. It has an operation mode that allows independent control, and speed, angle and other parameters are fully customizable.

In terms of modes, it has Mission Flight, to follow a preset route, and Repeat Flight, to retrace a previous one.
In addition to the drone, they sell an optional $300/year “Airpeak Plus” cloud subscription for additional data storage, advanced geofencing options and flight log import and export.

A great option, probably, for anyone who is professionally engaged in professional imaging.


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