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Electric motorcycle smashes world speed record


The Voxman Wattman is the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. A monster of more than 400 hp to exceed 400 km/h on track. The bike has just smashed its own record in a new attempt, reaching a top speed of 466 km/h, the highest ever achieved on an electric motorcycle.

The Voxman Wattman, driven by Max Biaggi (Italian Moto GP rider), has reached 466 km/h, breaking all speed records on an electric motorcycle. This electric motorcycle has a power of 425 hp (317 kW), all powered by a 15.9 kWh battery.

Its fairing is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, and the power delivery is programmed to consume the maximum energy in the shortest possible time, to squeeze the most out of its electric motor.

The previous record, also set by this bike, was 407 km/h, which they have comfortably surpassed, by almost 60 km/h extra. Biaggi declared that “the vibrations of the suit practically burned” at that speed, and that the sound of the engine at almost 500 km/h is similar to that of an airplane taking off.

A record set by a motorcycle that will never see a race track (as it is not intended for several laps) or the road, but that consolidates itself as the fastest in the world with this 466 km/h record.


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