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Tile is bought by Life360, a company that sells massive amounts of location data of its users.


Tile has been offering products to locate lost items for years. They were recently acquired by Life360, and things are not looking too good in terms of user privacy. According to an article in The Markup, the company is selling its users’ location data to other companies.

Tile devices are a series of products that use Bluetooth technology to locate any object that has been lost. They can be used with keys, a wallet, and are even useful for animals and children. Now that this firm has been acquired by Life360, it may be a good time to stop using these devices.

Selling personal data

Life360 has a very popular app for locating family and friends through our mobile device. This app is used by more than 33 million people worldwide, a great source of information for the company. The company earned 16 million dollars in 2020 from the sale of this data alone, representing 20% of its revenue in that year.

As The Markup states, the company’s own privacy policy stresses that Life360 sells user data to other companies. However, the media outlet not only highlights this information, but also claims that this company could be the largest company in the entire industry to sell users’ location-related information.

It is estimated that this company is selling its data to dozens of other companies. As mentioned in The Markup article, one of them is Safegraph, which was blocked by Google for use in Android apps. Safegraph offered data on approximately 40% of the U.S. population, information purchased by the state of Illinois for use by its Department of Transportation.

According to these two former Life360 employees, the data sold is anonymized, meaning that any identifiable information is removed. However, The Markup says the company does not work to prevent this data from being tracked by others.


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