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Ad blockers are the most downloaded Firefox extensions of 2021


Several ad-blocking extensions top the list of the most popular and innovative add-on Firefox browser extensions of 2021. Also those that prevent Facebook from tracking our movements on the web.

Approximately one third of Firefox users have installed one of these extensions. According to Mozilla itself, “whether it’s an extension to give Firefox a custom feature or a visual theme to customize your browsing experience.”

The two most popular extensions of the year were, specifically, Adblock Plus which averaged 6,134,231 daily users and uBlock Origin which averaged 5,011,974 throughout the year.

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular free ad blockers for Firefox. It blocks annoying ads on sites like Facebook, YouTube and all other internet portals. As 2021 progressed, uBlock Origin cut the gap and, if current usage trends continue, it could take the top spot by early 2022, according to Mozilla’s own words.

More concern for our privacy

The Firefox browser firm is aware that over the past two years, people are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy, which translates to more Firefox users taking steps to protect their data.

As a result, other popular 2021 extensions have been Mozilla’s Facebook Container and Ghostery, both designed “to protect against invasive tracking”.

Apple vs. Facebook

The year 2021 kicked off with Tim Cook, Apple’s leader, recalling the amount of data that Facebook tracks from its users, beyond what it already collects within its platform.

And indeed, the Cupertino firm imposed a new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy that requires apps to ask permission to track user data.

The policy went into effect in April this year, prohibiting companies that offer apps from tracking users if that’s what they choose to do. With this, internet giants have been known to lose large amounts of advertising dollars.


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