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Edge informs Microsoft about the searches you do in the browser, whatever the search engine is


Microsoft Edge can, by default, send Microsoft the results of any search you do in the browser. The feature is not limited to Bing Search, but informs Microsoft about searches on all search engines, including Google, DuckDuckGo or StartPage, that Edge users perform, if the setting is enabled.

A gHack reporter opened Microsoft Edge today and saw that Microsoft Edge Support showed him a pop-up window shortly after startup. It told him that he could help Microsoft improve search and that Microsoft will “collect the results of searches you do in the browser to improve Microsoft products and services.”

It also clarified this announcement that the data collected by Microsoft is “never associated” with the user or device.

Indeed, the journalist accessed the settings and there he found that Microsoft Edge had enabled this previously disabled possibility for him.

The setting in question is called “Help improve Microsoft products by submitting web search results”, and is located in the privacy section. Access your Edge browser and in the three horizontal dots located in the upper right corner click. Access the settings. Once inside the settings, look for the “Privacy, search and services” option in the right column.

Several options appear where you can control your privacy in various areas of use of the browser (for example, by default you have enabled the option to allow sites to check if you have saved payment methods”, something that you probably do not want to have enabled). And right there you can see if the feature that says “help improve Microsoft products by submitting Web search results” is enabled. If the tab is white and to the left, it is disabled. If it is blue and to the right, it is enabled. There you can decide what to do.

With it turned on, Microsoft can collect the term you search for, the search results shown to you, the interaction you make with the search results, including links clicked, and demographic data, according to specific information from Microsoft.


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