OnlyOffice, the free and open source office suite that has been making a pretty decent effort to resemble Microsoft Office and offer excellent compatibility, has just released its 7.0 version with a handful of interesting new features.

One of its advantages is that OnlyOffice offers not only native apps for Windows, Linux and macOS, but also for iOS and Android, in addition to the web. Precisely this last option has just added the creation of forms that can be filled out online, but both the text editor, as well as the spreadsheets and presentations app have improved and added features.

How can I protect my documents with passwords?

Another of the most relevant new features of this new version is that with OnlyOffice 7.0 you can now protect separate spreadsheets and workbooks with passwords. The new feature will appear in the top toolbar > Protection tab -> Protect book/sheet.

The document editor now offers the option to replace links and local paths with hyperlinks automatically. Just turn on autoformatting while typing from the advanced spell check settings.

The new version of the presentation editor now allows you to save presentations as PNG and JPG, and they have created a new Transitions tab where you can adjust all the different types of transitions, adjust parameters and settings without having to go to the slide properties.

To improve document collaboration, a version history feature has been added so that users can browse through their previous drafts and restore them. In addition, comments can now also be sorted in different ways.

Finally a dark mode has been added for the text editor which you can activate from the settings under your username in the top right corner. You can download OnlyOffice for free from its official website.


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