WhatsApp for Android has a huge advantage over its iOS version. As a result of an agreement between Meta and Google, WhatsApp backups on Android do not take up space on Drive. In other words, they are unlimited. This means that users can store tens of gigabytes in backups without affecting the storage limit. But it looks like this is coming to an end.

For some time now, Google has been greatly limiting free cloud storage. First it said goodbye to free photo storage in Google Photos, and then free G Suite accounts will no longer be free starting in July of this year. The idea, as is logical, is to reduce access to free storage and have the user subscribe to one of its One paid plans.

It seems that the next change in this regard will also be in WhatsApp. The latest beta version of the app already includes certain lines of code to limit the size of backups in Drive, so far unlimited.

Although it is not clear what the limit will be, everything seems to indicate that from now on users will have to be more cautious about what they store in WhatsApp, especially in terms of video, which occupies more in the backup.

In particular, everything seems to indicate that WhatsApp plans to introduce certain changes for backups, including notifications about when Google Drive is almost full. Something that by the way as of today is not shown since for WhatsApp Drive is unlimited.

According to leaks, Google will continue to offer a certain free quota to store WhatsApp backups, but it will be a limited plan and therefore if it is exceeded the user will have to checkout. Perhaps the company will change some of the One plans to make unlimited WhatsApp storage for paying users.

It seems that, as in the rest of Google’s services, once it has managed to eliminate competition by offering free services, now it’s time to start charging users, a tactic as effective as inelegant. After all, Google eliminated its “Don’t be evil” a long time ago.


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