WhatsApp is the star messaging application worldwide and has a number of tricks that allow you to get the most out of it, and some of them can be done without the other person you are chatting with knowing about it. For example, you can gossip about your location or read a conversation without the double blue tick. Now, thanks to a new shortcut, you can also record video calls without anyone noticing.

Video calls have become one of the most used features of WhatsApp, and more so after the pandemic by Covid-19, as they offer a closer and more intimate deal with others. The application owned by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, does not have a tool that allows you to record video calls, but there is a trick that makes it possible.

This trick can be used on both Android devices and iPhone, but on each of these operating systems the process is different. For example, in the first of them it is necessary to download a third-party application, while the second uses a feature specific to Apple phones. Below, we explain how this little-known shortcut works.

How to record video calls on Whatsapp?

Making video calls on WhatsApp is somewhat simple, as it is enough to open the chat with the person you want to call and click on the camera icon. Another option is to go to the ‘Calls’ tab, tap on ‘New Call’ and then search for the person you want to talk to and click on the camera icon.

Screen recording on iPhone.

There are times when you need to save a video call, such as if someone is explaining a class syllabus to you or you are having an important meeting for a job. If you have an iPhone, the steps to follow are simpler, as you don’t have to download anything. To record it, you must go into the phone’s ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Control Center’ to add ‘Screen Recording’.

Then all you have to do is start the WhatsApp video call, slide your finger from the right corner down to open the control center and click on the record icon. At the end of the call, pressing the same icon again will stop the recording, which will be saved in the iPhone gallery.

Screen Recorder application on Android.

In the case of using an Android smartphone, it is necessary to install a third-party application.
To do this, you have to go to ‘Google Play’ and search for and download the ‘Screen Recorder‘ application. Once done you have to enter it to activate the floating window function so that a small icon appears with which to record just by pressing it. Once the WhatsApp video call starts, press the button and enable the option to also capture the sound of your mobile. When you don’t want to record anymore or the video call is over, just tap the ‘Stop’ button and the video will be saved in the gallery.

Record video calls anonymously or ask for permission?

With these two methods you can record video calls anonymously, that is, without anyone knowing and the videos will be saved in the gallery of your mobile as any other you can record with the camera application. Even so, it is always advisable to ask for the consent of the other person to use their image and avoid claims for damages to third parties.

Therefore, you should use this trick responsibly and never to harm other people, and always respecting their privacy. This shortcut is really interesting for those moments when you are in an interview, a virtual class or in an important meeting for a class work in which you do not have time to take notes, for example.


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