The AirPods Max were Apple’s first bet in the premium headphone range. While most reviews highlighted its sound quality and, above all, its excellent noise cancellation, it is not a perfect device. One of the most widespread criticisms, which curiously has nothing to do with its technological proposal, is that its case does not correspond to the high price being paid for the headphones.

However, Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion brand, believes it has the ideal case for the AirPods Max. Certainly, the design of it makes it easy to carry the earbuds as if they were a bag with a strap, which is not possible with the official Apple case. The style of “Ophidia”, as they have dubbed the product, is very faithful to other Gucci bags. In addition, it was manufactured using environmentally friendly materials.

“The Gucci Ophidia Case for AirPods Max by Gucci is an exclusive to our online store that brings together vintage and contemporary through its design elements inspired by [Gucci’s] archive. Playing on the contrast between past and present, the interior of the accessory is printed with ‘Hodiernum’, a Latin word meaning ‘belonging to today’.”

After such a touching description of the product, it’s time to talk about its price. Gucci products have never been cheap, and the case is no exception; sit in a chair and hold on tight. Ophidia costs $980. Put another way, it’s worth almost twice as much as the AirPods Max; its suggested retail price is $549.

Clearly, the new Gucci is one of those proposals -ridiculous- that does not make sense for the vast majority. But there is a market for everything … and if you have money to spare

Gucci Ophidia Case for AirPods Max by Gucci




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