From Alphabet it is said that the Google Pixel 6 are two very serious phones that were just waiting for the response from the ordinary public to confirm that they are on their way to being the best-selling phones of the big G. This is what Sundar Pichai said in the financial results published yesterday.

Alphabet has published the financial results for the fourth quarter of 2021 to leave on a note how well these phones from the big G are doing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai clarifies that in Q3 the Pixels broke sales records. Apart from the Google Pixel 6, Pichai also includes the Pixel 5a as a sharer of those figures, a phone that was launched last summer, precisely on August 17.

In fact, Pichai’s own words indicate that the response to the Pixel from both customers and carriers has been incredibly positive, so they would already be waiting for April to have in hand the sales results for an entire quarter, since the Pixel 6s were introduced in mid-October.

As the big G is not in the habit of giving sales figures, it is impossible to know how many phones have been sold although it is not difficult for them to surpass previous flops that barely achieved distribution. In fact, the Pixel 6 is only available as of today in 9 countries and the Pixel 5a simply in two.

In case you feel like it, you can go take a look at the Google graveyard, where Alphabet’s failed projects rest and imagine what would be the corner destined for the Google Pixel tombstone.


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