Steam Deck is taking its time, but users who have reserved it are confident that it will be worth it. Valve delayed the launch from Christmas 2021 to early 2022, and finally in recent weeks we have known the final date on which it will begin to reach the homes of those who have opted for this technology.

One of the things that has drawn the most attention to the console since it was announced has been its size, as some gamers thought it was too big for a handheld. Its dimensions are 117 x 298 x 49 millimeters, but with the numbers in hand it is always difficult to get an idea of what it will actually occupy in our hands.

To solve this problem, the user Cary Golomb, who has a YouTube channel, has shared several photos of the console, which he has already been able to test. Through them we can see several comparative images that put Steam Deck against other known handhelds such as Nintendo Switch OLED or PS Vita. We leave you the images shared by Gary Golomb below:

Steam Deck vs Nintendo SwitchSteam Deck vs PS Vita

There is time for more curious comparisons, such as the ones where he puts Valve’s console in front of a banana to have a good size reference:

Steam Deck vs banana

Steam Deck arrives from February 28 to the homes of the first people who managed to pre-order it. The machine has a strong anti-cheat system to prevent some users from using hacks in their games, and Valve has made public the list of verified games for the console, a group that is being updated and allows us to know which titles will work correctly on the new hardware.



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