If you are one of those who used to sway your head while sweating trying to hit the keys to the rhythm of Through the Fire and Flames, this story may disappoint you. The Guitar Hero franchise lived a golden age where our homes were filled overnight with plastic guitars that, although they looked like our little nephews’ toy, made us feel like real rock stars as we tried to get those longed-for perfect scores.

If you follow the exploits of the gaming community, you may have noticed that it is still very active, raising players to the status of heroes. This was the case of Schmooey, who has been considered for years the best Guitar Hero player and has now been exposed by the community, after having detected numerous cheats in his videos.

Karl Jobst has detailed in an extensive video some of the irregularities found in Schmooey’s videos. As noted by Kotaku, the player had been dragging some accusations for a while, though nothing so blatant as to uncover his lies. In December 2021, Schmooey played a version of the song 9 Patterns Of Eternal Pain in a really impressive way, however, some of the expert players noticed some inconsistencies in the broadcast.

In some sections, Schmooey’s fingers did not touch the guitar keys that were played on screen, this set off all the alarm bells, coupled with a moment at the end of the video where Windows Media Player was overlapping.

After this first lie, players were quick to search through Schmooey’s videos, finding a myriad of cheats, from videos with cuts to songs played at a much lower tempo than what was subsequently broadcast. Eventually, Schmooey issued a public apology, deleting all of his videos, shut down his social networks and distanced himself from the community after returning the thousands of dollars worth of rewards he had been receiving for years.

The saddest part of Schmooey’s story, is that this is a really good player who has demonstrated his skill on numerous occasions live, in situations where there was no room for cheating.

As for the franchise, although it is not going through its best moments, Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has opened the door to see many franchises that Activision currently has in the drawer rescued. Phil Spencer himself reflected on some sagas to bring back, pointing directly to Guitar Hero.


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