Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s largest shipping company, also has the largest barge crane in its possession. A total of 10,000 tons lifted by counterweights, tensioned cables and a platform that floats on top of the water.

The Hyundai-10000 is the largest semi-submersible floating crane and in 2021 it was put to the test with a cargo of 9,100 tons; a huge ship equivalent to the weight of 6,000 cars. That lift was the largest weight ever hoisted in South Korea, where this huge crane is located.

It is located at the Ulsan shipyard, 414 kilometers southeast of Seoul. The giant floating crane is the company’s new benchmark, replacing the previous ‘Goliath’ crane that had a capacity of 1,600 tons. Up to six times more load capacity, which allowed Hyundai Heavy to accelerate its production.

Floating cranes can be classified into several types, some of which are semi-submersible with a fixed point and others of the ‘shearleg’ type that are supported on a barge. The Hyundai-10000 is the largest of the latter style.

We have a crane with two 180-meter-long booms and two 70-meter-high pillars. For its control, there are 16 hoisting winches, eight boom hoists and 72 mm and 54 mm steel wire ropes, each with a length of 5,700 meters. As described by Marine Insight, for power it has four 2,200 kW generators, two 600 kW port generators and a 100 kW emergency generator.

The floating crane features a water ejection system while at sea and for enhanced safety it is designed to hold objects in the air even if one of the two cables is not functioning properly and there is an emergency situation.

In terms of capacity, the Hyundai-10000 is the largest of its kind. Over the past decades this type of crane has been growing to meet the demand for supplies and shipments by sea. By comparison, the Scaldis company’s Gulliver crane has a capacity of 4,000 tons.

If we look at semi-submersible cranes with a more stable platform we see that the capacity is even higher. In 2019 Heerema Marine Contractors launched the ‘Sleipnir’, the crane vessel capable of lifting oil installations up to 20,000 tons. Authentic engineering works capable of lifting thousands of tons despite floating on water.


  1. Wow… what a lot of DIESEL generators this thing has… Curious … when they could put some lithium batteries and “save the planet”.


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