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AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards continue to drop in price and increase in retail stock

TechnologyAMD and NVIDIA graphics cards continue to drop in price and increase in retail stock

One of the problems that PC gamers have encountered during the last year has been the difficulty of not being able to buy a graphics card (a difficult task due to its limited availability in stores) but to do so without paying a large additional cost.

Fortunately, it seems that 2022 is marking the end of this trend and little by little we are seeing how the overcost of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards is falling in these first weeks of the year while their availability in stores continues to rise quite evidently, giving clues that little by little we are going to find some normality in the market as this year progresses.

In the case of AMD graphics cards we find that in just 3 weeks their cost has fallen by 18% to stand at an overcharge of 45% over the recommended prices of the brand. Yes, it is still a high price premium, but it is a far cry from the 116% increase we saw last May. On the other hand, NVIDIA’s GPU overcost also decreases by 20% to reach an overcost of 57%, slightly more than AMD’s but with a clear downward trend as you can see in the graph of the popular media 3DCenter, which collects price and availability data from several stores in Europe in general and Germany in particular:

Graphics cards prices

Now we only need to know if this downward trend will continue or will happen the same as in the month of July in which the cost in GPU stores began to fall … until it was stopped in its tracks and rose again driven by the rise in the value of cryptocurrencies. This time there does seem to be hope because although the value of Ehtereum has risen from the end of January, the price of GPUs has continued to fall.

On the other side of the scale of this good news of the decrease in the overpricing of graphics cards we find that the cost of manufacturing them by both NVIDIA and AMD has increased by several factors such as the increase in the price of chip manufacturing by TSMC, which is responsible for manufacturing for both brands and has announced an immediate increase of 20% in the cost of manufacturing for all its partners, something that we will surely notice in some way in the recommended price of the new generation graphics cards that NVIDIA and AMD will launch during this 2022.


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