Elden Ring, the action RPG developed by FromSoftware that takes the Dark Souls formula to the open world, has become a critical and public success worldwide. A triumph that an unknown Chinese development studio has tried to capitalize on by confusing Android and iOS players in the country. The company promoted its mobile MMORPG with images of Elden Ring and with a very similar name (Eilon Ring), Apple has removed it from the app store.

As reported by ithome media, the Guiyun Cloud Network studio published a game only in Chinese app stores called Elden Ring- Dark Open World Action RPG!!!. The app icon was titled Eilon Ring and the promotional images showed screenshots of FromSoftware’s game, but with a typical mobile interface. There is even an image that replicates the interface of 2018’s God of War.

Actually, the game looked nothing like it: it was a free action MMORPG in zenithal perspective, a la Diablo or Lost Ark, replete with microtransactions. We speak in the past tense because the title no longer appears in the App Store on iPhone or iPad. Thus, the title has been left as a meme.


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