Apple will not fix iPhones marked as lost or stolen

iPhones have a good resale price, and that makes them more stolen than other models, despite the security systems they have at the software level.

The fact is that Apple has decided to go one step further to avoid winning the trophy of “most stolen cell phone in history”. It has already introduced in the past several additional security systems, such as being able to remotely disable a lost or stolen iPhone. Today it goes a step further by preventing a phone marked as stolen or lost from being fixed.

At the moment it has not officially stated this, but according to an internal memo sent to Apple store employees, repair services cannot be provided for iPhones that have been marked as lost or stolen in the GSMA Device Registry.

This registry is a sort of international database where smartphone owners can report and register cases where their phones might have been lost or stolen. Any Apple store has access to this database, so if they have an iPhone in hand, they will be able to look up the device’s IMEI, unique to each phone, and see its status in that database.

The idea of the registry is to allow any company to know the history of the handset, and that includes whether it has been lost in the past.

Apple had previously rejected lost or stolen iPhones, but only if they had Find My enabled, now it is expanding its coverage to the GSMA Device Registry, so they can also include devices that might not have Find My enabled.


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