Interest in Facebook has halved in the last two years

During the last ten years, interest in Facebook has fallen by almost half, according to a study conducted by Bankless Times, which indicates the decline in searches for the term “Facebook” over the last decade, taking into account searches collected in Google Trends between January 2013 and January 2022.

Specifically, these data indicate that the group that shows the greatest disinterest in the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is the group of people under 30 years of age, which would be causing a drop in the total number of users, which, according to the predictions of the study, would already be below the 1,930 million daily users recorded during the fourth quarter of 2021, although it exceeded 2,000 million daily users.

Zuckerberg himself already acknowledged last February that Facebook is losing users due to the success of TikTok, a social network that rivals in popularity and adds more new users every day, and his own Instagram. It is not that young people have abandoned Facebook, it is that they do not even open an account on this social network, which they consider “for older people”.

In a desperate attempt to regain traction, Facebook has adopted the content format popularized by TikTok, short videos, which Instagram has already copied without disguise under the name of Reels.

Reels have also achieved great success on Instagram and their tremendous viralization has also spread to the social network Facebook, where they were launched a few weeks ago, as a strategy to continue offering its users forms of expression that are widely accepted on other platforms.

However, this is not the circumstance that has caused the greatest losses to Facebook, whose main source of income is advertising. Apple’s introduction of its app-tracking transparency tool requires the user to grant explicit permission for other apps to track the user’s own activity through other apps.

The consequence has been that users in the Apple ecosystem (iOS and Mac) have overwhelmingly rejected this tracking, resulting in a $10 billion drop in advertising revenue for Facebook and all indications are that these losses will continue to increase as users become more aware of the value of their privacy and happily accept the possibilities of protecting themselves against adware from (especially) Facebook and Google.


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