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Twitter edit button

TechnologyTwitter edit button

Twitter has confirmed that it is working on an edit button that will allow users to correct a tweet after it has been published

This decision comes two days after Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, became the largest shareholder of the social network after acquiring 9.2% of its shares. Musk launched a poll from his Twitter account to ask his followers if they wanted the social network to include this editing tool.

Faced with the overwhelming majority in favor of installing this button, Twitter has set to work on it. Users of the social network have long been asking the company to enable this editing tool. Jay Sullivan, the company’s vice president of product, acknowledged that this is “the most requested feature by users for years”. However, Twitter has always had serious doubts about how to install it and what repercussions it could have on the functioning of the social network.

According to the official account of Twitter’s communication team, the company has been working on the development of this tool “since last year”. At the same time, it maintains that the idea of including this edit button “does not come from a survey”.

The account says that, over the next few months, it will start testing this edit button among users of Twitter Blue, the paid version of the social network. Once this function is installed, users will be able to correct or qualify the content of their tweets already published. And all this without losing the replies, retweets and likes obtained since their publication.

The company is now studying how to introduce this tool in a secure way. According to Sullivan, “without time limits, controls and transparency about what has been edited, this button can be used to alter the public conversation. And protecting the integrity of the public conversation is our top priority.”


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