Octo is malware that accesses your cell phone and can operate even if it is locked

Another day, another new malware focused on attacking cell phones doing its thing. And it seems that the proliferation of these harmful cybernetic elements seems to be having a remarkable boom in recent times.

On this occasion we bring you Octo, a malware that is just as harmful as others we have already reported on here and that mainly affects Android devices.

In terms of its structure, Octo presents a source code that when executed allows this malware to go unnoticed and integrate seamlessly into different applications installed on the device.

Also, Octo has ODF incorporated in its design, a feature that gives this element the possibility of manipulating the phone’s accessibility permissions, which is the gateway to other additional options.

One of them contemplates the use of a password that generates the perception that the phone is continuously unlocked, which makes the device prone to infiltration of its system by hackers; all this happening in the background and unnoticed by the user.

Once in control, Octo can access what you type in any of the applications you use, thus being able to collect login data that you use to access a banking app, as well as in other applications that require this procedure to access their interface.

Something that is extremely dangerous about Octo is that, although the phone’s screen is locked, this malware remains active executing actions such as sending messages, selecting, copying and pasting a text, among other things that could only be done with the phone unlocked, so Octo wastes no time in fulfilling its mission within the device.

Infected apps

Among the apps where Octo has been detected is Fast Cleaner, as well as others found in the Play Store. Other apps in which this malware has been camouflaged have been:

  • Pocket Screencaster (com.moh.screen)
  • Postbank Security (com.carbuildz)
  • Play Store (com.restthe71)
  • Play Store App Install (com.theseeye5)
  • BAWAG PSK Security (com.frontwonder2)

It is worth mentioning that Octo represents the evolution of a malware named Exobot discovered in 2016. As users, the only thing you can do in the face of this type of cyber threats is to keep your mobile software updated to the latest version and be wary of apps that do not have a reputable developer.


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