Elden Ring will receive a new cooperative mode thanks to a mod: shared progress and no summoning, which is being carried out by modder LukeYui and will allow PC players to maintain connections after dying

Although the multiplayer aspect of FromSoftware’s games has been in most of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s works, his formula for cooperative play is not approached in the most traditional way. If you’re playing Elden Ring, you’ve already seen that there are a number of limitations to co-op and it’s not as simple as just joining a game with a friend and progressing through the adventure together.

Elden Ring’s multiplayer mechanics are driven by summons, and the death of the host ends the game for both players, returning the summoned player to their world. This may change for PC players thanks to LukeYui and the mod he is preparing, which he has dubbed Seamless Coop.

The mod maintains the connections between the two players after death, allowing us to reappear at the nearest place of grace in the same way we would do in our solo adventure. Another feature of Elden Ring’s co-op is that only the game host retains the progress in the story, so you will have to finish each of the players with the bosses as the game host if you want to advance in the game.

This barrier is also eliminated with seamless coop, allowing players to advance in parallel in the story, maintaining progress in both games. LukeYui has taken into account that these new mechanics would greatly facilitate boss fights by allowing the player who dies to rejoin the game while his ally remains in the game. To balance the new boss fights, the modder has increased the stats of all bosses to make their attacks more lethal and their health even higher.

The mod is currently in beta, although its release seems to be coming soon. For the time being, the modder has made available a profile on Ko-Fi for all those who want to help him financially.


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