Google introduces Media CDN, a platform to deliver content using the same infrastructure as YouTube

A CDN is in charge of taking the content of our website and distributing it to several servers around the world, so that when a person on the other side of the planet accesses our website, they will download content from the closest server, thus obtaining a faster experience.

There are many CDNs in the world today, and there are some specialized in multimedia content that can help a lot to speed up the loading of websites with lots of photos and videos.

Now, during the NAB Show 2022 Streaming Summit, Google globally launched its Media CDN, a platform for delivering content using the same infrastructure that YouTube uses.

Media CDN distributes our website content across datacenters in 1,300 cities in 200 countries, so the possibility of having a server nearby is relatively high.

To differentiate itself from the competition, Google offers delivery protocols tailored to individual users as well as network conditions. In the same way that YouTube videos adapt to our connection and location, so would our content if we hire Media CDN.

Media CDN also has tools for ad insertion, and uses technology to drive interactive experiences, such as real-time statistics during sporting events, for example.

They are still far from being able to compare with the giant Akamai, which controls almost half of the world’s CDN market, but it is a good first step on Google’s part.


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