Playing sports with friends can be a lot of fun with Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo wants to offer the same experience to current Nintendo Switch players that Nintendo Wii players had in their day, hence it has left us with the launch of Nintendo Switch Sports.

Although it launched a few weeks ago, online multiplayer has now been activated everywhere in the world and it’s time to talk about the game in full.

In its simplicity lies the entertainment

First of all, I must warn you not to expect a title with too much depth, because from the beginning is unlocked the most important, as are its six different sports: volleyball, badminton, bowling, soccer, chambara and tennis. Each one offers its own proposal and that means that the gameplay also changes. In addition, all of them are designed to be played with the motion sensor of the Joy-Con.

So far you can see that it is clearly noticeable that we are facing a successor to Wii Sports, because in the original title the same thing happened as we had to shake the controllers to play. Best of all, the movement is so well integrated that the game will perfectly recognize each and every one of our gestures, no matter how much we move them around or exaggerate our actions with our arms and body.

While it is possible to play by moving your hand a little bit, the real fun is to simulate the movements as if we were doing them for real, i.e. jumping in volleyball, moving forward to imitate the shot in bowling or believing that we have a real racket in tennis. Is it necessary? The truth is that no, but this way we get more fully into the games and it becomes more fun and interactive.

Because if there is something that can not be denied is that with Nintendo Switch Sports you are going to spend some memorable evenings with friends and family. Also, as its gameplay is as simple as possible, it will not matter the age of the players and the experience of each one at the controls, because it is designed for all ages, with the possibility of up to four people on the same screen with its local multiplayer, both cooperative and competitive depending on the selected sport.

As for the character editor itself, at first the options will be very limited and we can altear very little his hairstyle, face and other aspects, hence the collections of online multiplayer are so crucial if we want to give a unique touch to our athlete so that it does not resemble both the rest of the world has.

Six sports of the most varied, with laughs and sweat

Moving on to the really important, as are its six sports, the games of each one are really short and rarely exceed five minutes, so you can go jumping from one to another whenever you want if you want to vary or just because you feel like changing games. In all of them you can play alone against artificial intelligence, but there are others that in the case of multiplayer only allow you to compete against each other, while the rest if they are adapted for four people.


The only thing we will have to do is to perform the gestures of the arms to serve, pass the shot or finish off, as well as block in the case of being on the other side of the field. The game is divided into four areas so that we are not distracted by what the others are doing, but this is a serious problem if you are far away from the TV or if it is not too big. And let’s not talk about if you opt for the portable mode…

In any case, the fact that we only have to worry about moving our arms to hit the ball is very much appreciated. On the other hand, the confrontations will always be two against two, so that the gaps that are missing will be filled by the artificial intelligence, which by the way plays quite well and will be a very hard nut to crack in the higher difficulty levels.

Nintendo Switch Sports 2


In the case of badminton matches will only be one on one, although with a very fast pace precisely because of this fact, because we will be all the time hitting the shuttlecock that we will send to our opponent or to return it. It is one of the sports that has less mystery, since basically just shake the racket and little else, although you can press the trigger to vary the force with which we want to send the shuttlecock, if we want to execute a normal shot or a drop shot.

However, we must also try to hit at the right time, because if we do it later than usual we will send the shuttlecock in such a way that our opponent can make a devastating blow that will be difficult to stop.


Here you can join up to four people simultaneously in the case of local multiplayer, but best of all is that they will not go throwing the ball one at a time, but all play at the same time. This means that the games do not take too long and above all that the pace is higher, although it is necessary to have enough controllers for this.

When moving the controller we must imagine that it is a bowling ball and perform exactly the same gesture as in real life, because the motion sensor will know if we have turned the wrist, if we have deviated, as well as the strength of the shot. That’s why, before we get down to work, we can place our character where we want or even turn it to better aim at the place we want.

There is a mode of extra tracks in which the difficulty increases considerably, because it will modify part of them with obstacles. Moreover, there will even be several levels of difficulty to further complicate the tracks, causing that only the most skilled will be able to hit a ball and not let the ball go down the side rails.


One of the biggest novelties is the addition of soccer, the only game of all in which we need to use both controllers at the same time to play, hence it is understandable that in the local multiplayer can only play one-on-one matches. It could be said that it is the most designed to become familiar with the Joy-Con controls, since it makes good use of them at all times.

While the left controller will do the function of controlling our character, with the right one we will be in charge of kicking a giant ball into the goal. In addition, there is the option to jump to reach higher shots and you can also run, which will leave us with an energy bar identical to that of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so be careful not to overdo it too much so as not to get fatigued.

The controls are very well adapted and depending on the direction of our movement we will make the ball go flush to the ground or shoot through the air, but we can also throw forward to give a good header. At the same time, it is the one that has more different game modes, with one-on-one matches, four-on-four matches in which the remaining gaps are occupied by artificial intelligence and there are even penalty shootouts in which the Ring Fit Adventure tape is used.

Don’t worry if you don’t have it, because the physical edition includes one so that you can tie it to your leg and simulate hitting the ball for real. In fact, an update will be released soon that will allow you to use it in normal matches as well.

Nintendo Switch Sports 1


Similar to Wii Sports Resort’s swords: two characters are placed on a platform on which they’ll be banging each other with swords to throw the opponent off the stage and win the game. Even so, moving the controller wildly is not a good idea at all, because we can stop the thrusts and if that happens our character will be stunned briefly, but long enough for them to counterattack us.

The reason why I’m not convinced is because sometimes it is not very clear how we should place the sword to stop the impacts and there will be times when we think we have done well, but when we see our character back we will realize that it is not so. At least it has several types of swords (normal, charged with energy and double) so that at least it is not always the same thing over and over again.


The sixth and last sport is one of the most classic of the saga and it is clear that tennis could not miss. In it, up to four players will join together in each match, with the artificial intelligence filling the gaps that are missing if there is no one in one of the teams. There is no option to play one on one and it is mandatory that there are always four characters at the same time.

However, when a player goes solo on one of the two sides of the track, he will take control of both characters at the same time. As in most disciplines, we will only have to pay attention to hitting the ball with the racket, because the movement from one side of the court to the other will be automatic.

Challenging athletes from around the world with its online multiplayer

The online multiplayer of Nintendo Switch Sports is one of the main modes and partly the most important of all, because it is the only way there is to unlock cosmetic items to modify the appearance of our characters.

There are in two sports in particular that the gameplay is altered in the case of opting for online multiplayer. For example, in the case of soccer there will be eight people who will get together, four for each team, while in bowling there will be 16 participants who will try to prove that they are the best in a series of rounds in which those who accumulate fewer points will be gradually eliminated.

The other sports have not been modified in any aspect, but the game will reward our effort if we get the victory, because after each game we will receive a series of points that will vary depending on the result achieved, as well as the chosen test, because not all will give the same amount. All this to reach a total of 100 points, at which time the possibility of unlocking one of the previously mentioned cosmetic items will be enabled.


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