Some people are still using iPods in 2022 and it makes more and more sense to do so

More and more people are bragging about using their iPod in 2022, and it’s not the iPod Touch with iOS but the classic iPod with clickwheel. What many would now consider obsolete is proving to have many advantages for people who refuse to give it up.
There are several conversations on networks like Reddit about this phenomenon, and of course you have to have taken very good care of the iPod for it to still work for you.

The iPod as a device without distractions and hassles.

Those who still keep it in their pockets argue that it is a device without distractions. On an iPod you select the music you want to listen to and that’s it: no social networking to waste time on. Others say something similar: “there is no Internet on an iPod, and therefore no ads”.

Other users prefer it to the iPhone at certain times, such as when they go to the gym. They leave the iPhone at home and take only what they need, the music to work out to. And the headphones, of course.

There are also those who simply refuse to subscribe to a music service and prefer to continue listening to their personal collection, and even open the device to change the mechanical disk for an SSD with much higher speed and capacity.

There are those who still use Rockbox, a free operating system that can be installed on iPods that gives you a little more functionality. It’s possible that this will void the warranty, but speaking of iPods that were sold a decade and a half ago… it’s not worth worrying about.

In general, the classic iPod is appreciated as a device free of ads, free of subscriptions, free of interruptions and free of distractions. A reminder of a past when our attention was not so blurred. You can try to do the same with an iPhone, but it’s impossible to achieve the same in that regard.

If this inspires you, you still have eBay so you can search for old iPod models that still work. There’s a whole marketplace going on. In this Reddit thread they also mention alternative stores.


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