Epic Games Store gives away three great games… and play mystery with next week’s free game

Epic Games Store is giving away Prey, Jotun: Valhalla Edition and Redout Enhanced Edition this week. Redout wasn’t planned… but what’s more interesting is that next week there will be a “mystery” game.

Epic Games Store has gone all out this week with its free games. Every week, this online PC game store used to give away one or two of the games in its catalog to all users: once you claimed them, you got to keep them forever.

But this week, it’s not one or two, but three games that Epic Games Store is giving away for free. And they are three exceptional games: Prey, Jotun: Valhalla Edition, and Redout Enhanced Edition.

These three games will be available for free until Thursday, May 19. Just log in and hit get to keep them forever, you won’t even have to download them now if you don’t want to, because you’ll always find them in your collection.

Two of these games were already announced last week, but the futuristic racing game Redout was not planned to be given away this week as well, it has been quite a surprise.

But undoubtedly the most interesting thing is that the game they’re giving away for free next week… is a “Mystery Game”. That is, they won’t announce it until the countdown is over, something they only do when it comes to particularly illustrious or unexpected games.

No word… but it could be related to the Fall Guys special announcement. This game is from Mediatonic, who are owned by Epic Games, but are not yet on the Epic Games Store. Mind you, it would contradict rumors that it will become free to play. At the moment, this week we will have a lot to play.


Prey is a space action-horror game from Arkane Studios (Bethesda, the creators of Dishonored or Deathloop) released in 2017. It is set on Talos I, a space station around the Moon in the year 2032, which has been invaded by hostile aliens… and you are their prey.

Prey is played in first person, and you can create objects to help you overcome obstacles and defend yourself from the aliens, while discovering the secrets of the space station.


Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Jotun: Valhalla Edition, an action and exploration game with beautiful hand-drawn graphics set in Norse mythology. You control Thora, a Viking warrior who died a dishonorable death and must prove her worth before the gods of Valhalla.

Jotun Valhalla Edition

Redout: Enhanced Edition

Finally, this week’s surprise game is Redout: Enhanced Edition, a futuristic racing game that pays tribute to a genre popularized by Wipeout or F-Zero, and continues in this one from Italian studio 34BigThings SRL.

It’s a racing game with an incredible feeling of speed (after all, you’re riding in ships that go 800 km/h), with a dynamic soundtrack. A very intense audiovisual experience that you can play in multiplayer mode on 25 tracks with 12 players online, and 2 split-screen, before its sequel comes out this year.

Redout Enhanced Edition

They will be totally free until May 19 at Epic Games Store. You have this week to claim them, and you get to keep them forever!


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