Typing on laptop

Typing on laptop

Is Phoenix Really Private and Secure?

A lot of eyebrows rise when someone talks about privacy and security. Even the giants like Facebook leaks their data for personal work and marketing purposes. But there’s hardly any complaint from a Phoenix browser that states any privacy or security concerns till date. So doesn’t that clarify that the browser is safe and secure enough to trust?

Does it Really Saves Data?

There’s always a misconception that saving data means browsing anything at almost half the data usage. Well, that’s not the case here. Saving data means when you open a website or app, it saves cache and cookies, so that the next time you open the same website or app, no internet data is used (of course, the data must be ON) and hence you can save some data. Of course, it won’t save you lots of GBs of data but it surely save you some MBs of data if you’re running tight on budget every month!

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