WhatsApp fills up your phone’s storage: how to avoid it easily

While it is true that WhatsApp is an application with many tricks and options, it is possible that if you have a mobile with little storage you can run out of space due to the large number of files the application saves on your mobile, unless you put remedy.

However, there are several tricks to not run out of storage on your phone because of WhatsApp, and also will help you better organize the files you have on your mobile.

Some customization layers such as MIUI even have native utilities to clean up the files you store for this application.

Do not download files automatically

By default, many files in WhatsApp are downloaded automatically, and this makes you lose a little control over what enters your mobile through conversations.

If you disable automatic downloads with mobile data, roaming and WiFi, you’ll have to tap on each file you want to download and, if you’ve seen it and no longer need it, you can take the opportunity to delete the file, directly. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to WhatsApp.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Click on Storage and data.
  4. Disable the items in the Download with… sections.

With this, you will not store hundreds of photos, videos and audios that go through the groups in which you are present and that you may not even have seen.

Logically, the images or videos you want to keep should not be deleted from your gallery or from the conversation itself.

Do not include videos in the backup

WhatsApp is able to back up your conversations and files both locally and in the Google Drive cloud, but there are times when videos can take up too much space.

And is that, with the increase in quality on cell phones and the increase in size limits when sending them by WhatsApp, these can take up a lot of space, so it may be a good idea to leave them out of the backups. Follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Chats.
  4. Open Backup.
  5. Uncheck Include videos.

To save them, upload the ones you want to Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox or the cloud storage service you usually use.

In addition, some services such as Google Photos are able to free up space on the mobile by keeping the images synchronized in the cloud.

Delete what you do not need

On many occasions, if you take a look at the images received on WhatsApp, you will see that beyond the photos you want to keep, such as those of your loved ones, there are also other images, such as a photo to the shopping list, that you can delete.

And this happens not only with images, but also with videos and even audio files. Now, go to the gallery or your file explorer and start deleting everything you don’t need.

Try cleaning utilities for your phone

Some customization layers have a utility that allow you to scan your mobile’s gallery for duplicate images or photos taken by mistake.

Just as they can do this with the images in the camera folder, they can do it in the WhatsApp images folder to help you locate all the images that you can delete without a problem.

In addition, other layers such as MIUI even have a specific utility to clean WhatsApp, and it is something that can come in extremely well if you need to get rid of many files to lighten the internal memory of your smartphone.

If all else fails, start from scratch

Chances are, if you’ve had the same WhatsApp account and backups for several years, the size of the attachments is colossal, so it may be a good option to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

If you want to keep some images and videos, you can copy these to your computer or tablet. When you have the copy made, go to the gallery and completely delete the WhatsApp Images and Whatsapp Video folder.

Now it will be as if you were starting from scratch, saving the space occupied by your conversations, which you can also delete if you do not need to have them at hand.

With WhatsApp to zero, you can now start applying the tricks that we have told you in the previous headings to make the application files do not occupy as much as before.


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