Big Ant Studios, creators of Cricket 22, explains the measures they have included in their game, which has increased sales by 300%

Each company has different ways to combat piracy in their video games. Some do not hesitate to go to court, others even promote it because it means that the game is known and possibly sells more, and some prefer piracy rather than purchase through certain portals. However, the case of Big Ant Studios, creators of Cricket 22, is different: to have a few laughs, they fill the pirated version of their game with strange errors that lead players to ask for help on forums, and thus unmask themselves as pirates.

Ross Symons, CEO of the studio responsible for the cricket simulator, lists on Twitter some of these trolls to pirates: making the entire screen blank between matches, causing players to miss all coin tosses, showing connection errors with the controller or that it is out of battery, or constantly raining when it is the player’s turn to bat until the match is cancelled due to rain.

I figure if people are going to steal the game, we might as well have some fun at their expense” declares the CEO on Twitter, adding that sales of the latest installment of the game have grown by 300% since they have introduced these piracy measures. He thanks those who have bought the game after pirating it, and reminds that the progress achieved in the pirated edition is preserved when buying the official version. Symons does not rule out introducing further anti-piracy measures.

Cricket 22 was released in November 2021 for Xbox X/Series and Xbox One, and in early December last year on PC, Playstation 5 and PlayStation 4; it came to Nintendo Switch in late April 2022. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play it on Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming since April 5, and this May 27 it will arrive on PC Game Pass.


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