Intel launches in China the Arc A380, its first graphics card for desktop PCs with 6 GB of RAM for $150

This is the entry-level model of Intel’s new graphics cards which, for the moment, has no price or release date for the rest of the world.

It is a historic moment for Intel because, finally, the chip manufacturer based in Santa Clara has launched its first dedicated graphics card for desktop computers, a project they have been working on for more than 4 years and for which they signed one of the heavyweights of AMD Radeon, Raja Koduri.

The Intel Arc A380, an entry-level graphics card built around an ACM-G11 chip with 8 Xe cores accompanied by 6 GB of GDDR6 memory and a 96-bit memory bus with a bandwidth of 192 GB/s, has been available in China for a price of 1030 yuan which, converted to our currency, would be about 150 dollars at the exchange rate, although it is likely to be a little more expensive due to taxes (maybe between 175-190 dollars?).

According to Intel, its first dedicated GPU for entry-level gaming is 25% faster than the Radeon RX 6400 which is AMD’s GPU of this type (in fact with a similar price) and although being a graphics of this type it may suffer quickly with Triple A games that arrive in the coming months, the truth is that in very popular multiplayer titles it gets good results at 1080p resolution and graphics in between reaching 101 fps in Fortnite, also 101 in Apex Legends and up to 230 fps in DOTA 2, although, as always happens with the companies’ own tests, we will have to wait for the first players or media to be able to test to know its real performance.

One of the technologies that will be key for Intel desktop or notebook graphics cards this generation and in the future is Intel X Super Sampling or Intel XSS, an AI rescaling technology that is “similar” to NVIDIA’s DLSS, rescaling the image from a lower resolution to the target resolution and smoothing its textures with the aim of improving performance, being currently available in games such as Death Stranding, Ghostwire Tokyo or Hitman 3.


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