Mozilla brings full cookie protection to Firefox, making it the safest browser for preventing tracking

Firefox has just become the most secure browser in the world, or at least that’s what Mozilla boasts since the recent integration of Total Cookie Protection, which will make your internet browsing less traceable.

The Firefox team has been working on total Cookie Protection since 2015, and it’s already available on desktop versions of the browser, and there’s a way to try it out on Android.

This new feature of Mozilla’s browser manages to separate cookies from each website to separate them so that websites can’t access all the cookies stored on your computer, only the ones that each site has generated.

Cookies are the tool used by many websites to track your Internet activity and offer you targeted advertising. That is, it is what makes you see ads on any website for products you have searched for on other pages. Online advertising agencies like Facebook or Google, through their apps or “Like” buttons, read your cookies on all the sites you visit and thus build a profile of you (male, 30/35 years old, healthy, athlete, smoker, Madrid, single, Seat Leon, electrician, salaried, Samsung mobile, mortgage, etc.) which they then sell to advertisers.

This new feature means that websites can only access the cookies that they themselves have created, preventing tracking companies (Google and Facebook above all) from tracking your movements in order to offer you advertising.

Total Cookie Protection would prevent, for example, Amazon ads appearing on other websites showing products you’ve searched for. The company has achieved this by separating the storage space of cookies from each other, putting a limit on these instead of blocking them.

The company has called it a balanced solution to eliminate cookie abuse for advertising, but allow cookies to exist to meet the least invasive uses of cookies.

Now, you can use the Firefox desktop browser on your computer enjoying this increased protection will separate cookies from the websites you visit to avoid privacy abuses.

It should be noted that, although this feature is new on desktop systems, it has been on Android for a few months, although not in the main Firefox application. In fact, the company has been working on Total Cookie Protection since 2015 and it can already be tested through one of the browser’s sister apps: Firefox Focus.

You do not need to activate this cookie protection anywhere in the settings, as it is enabled by default. The feature is expected to be added to the Firefox app in the near future.


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