Half of the Internet has been down worldwide due to a Cloudfare fail

This Tuesday has started chaotically for many people. As soon as you enter the network and want to visit one of your favorite websites, you have surely seen how it was down, appearing an error 500 that prevents you from entering. And the fact is that one of the largest content delivery companies and security services on the network, as is Cloudfare has fallen completely automatically receiving a lot of different reports about their status.

The problem quickly came to the knowledge of Cloudfare through the different internal communications and also externally through Twitter but they just stated:

The Cloudflare team is aware of the current service issues and is working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

They gave redirection to their status web page, where anyone could be visualizing if this problem was resolved or not, and also how it was progressing. In this way they tried to reassure a little the network that saw how part of the Internet was completely inaccessible although this has not affected major services. The only one affected was Discord in its web version, which was down.

From a more technical point of view, the responsible for this fall has been the Cloudfare CDN. This can be defined as a large group of servers that are distributed around the world, but are interconnected to provide faster Internet browsing and although it may not directly host the content, it allows storing the cache and preventing that it can end up falling.

This makes it a fundamental part of any website, as it improves loading times, reduces bandwidth costs by requiring much less and increases the availability of content on the network. In this way, many pages are interested as it is logical is to contract it with Cloudfare making finally that it can cause this big problem when it falls.

This fall of the service once again calls into question the great power that a single service such as Cloudfare can have. We have seen how an error in the servers of this company causes that half of the network is practically disconnected and can not be accessed in any way until a solution is given from above.

It is now time to wait until after the restoration of the service to find out the cause of the downtime. It is possible to speak of a case of a denial of service attack that occurred yesterday, although at any moment we will have to wait for what the company says officially.


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