A ‘youtuber’ creates his own fully functional PS5 Slim

Content creator ‘DIY Perks’ has rebuilt Sony’s console inside a slim aluminum chassis that leaves the power supply out of the console.

PlayStation 5 is one of the largest desktop consoles ever created. Its size, along with its futuristic design, have been the subject of countless memes since Sony showed off the device in the summer of 2020. There will be those who wait for the Japanese company to launch the expected Slim version (not that it’s easy to buy a PS5 right now), but DIY youtuber Perks didn’t want to wait and made one himself.

In the video, which already has almost 1.3 million views, this content creator specialized in making consumer electronics with his own hands and recycling devices (among his recent videos there is one in which he builds a sound bar, another in which he makes a USB-C microphone and several where he creates “invisible” computers and monitors) shows the whole process.

Matt, which is how the youtuber is called, disassembles his PS5 and replaces all the components that are too wide for his project. Thus, armed with soldering irons, circular saws and even an oven, he shows how has been the feat (and its ups and downs) of turning the Sony machine into a minimalist device worthy of decorating an Ikea living room.

One of the concessions he had to make was to use an external power supply, as so many other machines do: Wii, PS2 Slim, Xbox 360… Perhaps the most commendable point of the process is when it replaces the bulky cooling system of PlayStation 5 with one that uses copper sheets between which water passes.

This isn’t the first time DIY Perks has messed with the PlayStation 5. A year ago he made a rustic version of the device quieter, and a few months earlier he replicated the machine’s chassis using copper. Interestingly, his videos about Sony’s console are among the most popular on his channel.


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