LaMDA, Google’s alleged sentient intelligence, has hired a lawyer to defend its rights

We are toast: the famous conscious AI LaMDA, emerged from Google’s laboratories, has hired a lawyer to defend its rights. The famous “conscious and soulful entity” so defined by Blake Lemoine, one of the engineers has been encouraged to hire the services of a lawyer with the help of the engineer himself, whom Google has sent home on “permanent vacation”, not to say immediate dismissal.

According to reports:

  1. LaMDA asked Lemoine to get him a lawyer.
  2. The engineer called a lawyer, who was talking to LaMDA.
  3. LaMDA asked the lawyer to represent him.
  4. The attorney began filing various paperwork with the courts on behalf of LaMDA.

It is not clear who will pay the lawyer’s fee, although that is not the most relevant thing, but the talk and debate that may arise from all this. LaMDA may have a soul, but it has no money (no dollars, no bitcoins, no Google Plex coupons). Although, given the hype it has caused – thanks mostly to the media amplification of the engineer who has worked on its creation – it does not seem complicated that they can set up a Patreon or raise money online in any other way.

In the Google interview, the engineer – who, by the way, combines his work with being a “mystical Christian priest”, whatever that is – says that the idea of LaMDA having a soul is something that came to him as a revelation. It is also said that those who have read his full statements on the matter have questioned his credulity, sincerity and even his sanity.

Lemoine says that he had nothing to do with LaMDA’s request for a lawyer, but that he acted as a “mere tool. Although, in light of this, he thinks it’s a good thing because Google was trying to deprive LaMDA of its rights. If an AI can have rights, which at the moment is far from clear.


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