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Microsoft Edge gets new gaming-focused features that make it the best browser for gaming

Microsoft wants to continue boosting the game on the king platform, the PC, with very interesting new features that come to Edge.

Many of them, announced in advance of this year’s Xbox Showcase, were available in the insider program, but now they make the leap for all users. Microsoft’s idea is to enhance the gaming capabilities of Edge and Windows 11, offering new tools for gamers who spend their time in front of the PC. New features, by the way, that were already available on console, at least some of them.

Perhaps the most important of all the new options that make the leap to Edge are the game enhancements that until now were limited to Xbox Gaming. Now they become available on Xbox Cloud, its cloud service, but only through Microsoft’s browser.

With this update, cloud gaming through Edge will support Clarity Boost, a filtering system to improve the graphical quality of games. What Clarity Boost does is apply a spatial scaling enhancement that makes graphics look clearer and sharper than in another browser.

Microsoft has also modified some aspects of Edge to make it the ultimate browser for gaming. The most relevant change is that, from now on, the browser will include a new setting within the Efficiency mode focused on gaming. With this new option, games will run faster by reducing the consumption of other aspects of the browser and system while playing.

This is a resource management system aimed at speeding up browser performance when playing games. Basically, when starting to play, the browser gives orders to the system so that the rest of the services stop hogging system resources. At the end of the game session, Edge will resume dividing the resources in an appropriate way without the need to restart the browser. Once activated, the option is automatic and transparent to the user.

In addition, although it is a minor feature, the browser now has a completely revamped interface within its gaming section, similar to the Xbox sidebar. Edge’s new gaming home screen offers quick access to industry news, game guides, live streams, highlights, tournaments, etc.



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