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Fall Guys celebrates outrageous numbers following its jump to free-to-play and arrival on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Like most games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s peak popularity has been lowered over time, but for a time it became one of the hottest games, topping all the platforms like Twitch. However, Mediatonic still has plenty of hits to celebrate with its fun gymkhana and cute characters.

The studio made a big announcement last month: the game’s arrival on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS5. Although the game was already playable on PlayStation, this was its first foray into the Nintendo and Xbox market, and if you’re wondering how it has fared, the numbers have spoken for themselves: Fall Guys has reached 20 million players in its first 48 hours.

The success of this relaunch has been boosted by the game’s change of model to free-to-play, a leap that coincided with the opening to new platforms. A move that is undoubtedly working for Mediatonic, who have not hesitated to celebrate the figures from their official Twitter account and thank all the players who have participated in their tests.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has recently added cross-play and cross-platform progression, new levels and new costumes for participants. The game has also added a new currency which they have called ‘Show-Bucks’, while the new season pass has 100 levels.


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