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Proletariat battle royale closure


Battle royale Spellbreak announces the closure of its servers because Proletariat can’t make it profitable

The rise of battle royale made many developers bet on their own project within the genre. This has led to similar proposals and to the market collapsing in the face of so many free battle royale games on consoles and PC.

Some of these games have managed to win a space, such as Apex Legends or Call of Duty Warzone, but many others have perished over time. Now, the fall of Ubisoft’s BR Hyper Scape is joined by yet another game.

Proletariat, creators of the magical battle roayle Spellbreak, have announced the closure of the game’s servers in 2023. Apparently, the title has not been able to attract a strong enough player base to remain active.

Although its ideas were good, a market with so much competition can make it not stand out at all. Spellbreak followed the same formula as so many others, but focused its combat on casting elemental spells in a fantasy world with a more cartoonish visual style.

In a recent announcement, the developer has confirmed that Spellbreak will conclude its 4+ year development path in 2023.
Spellbreak is available on PlayStation, Xbox , Nintendo Switch and PC for free if you still want to take advantage of the second half of the year to play some games.


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