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Chinese Big Brother hacked


Hacker group claims to have stolen data of one billion Chinese people

China has a large database of its citizens and visiting tourists but appears to have suffered the largest cybersecurity breach in the country’s history. Hhackers claim to possess 23 terabytes of information stolen from China’s database, belonging to one billion citizens.

Recently, it has been leaked on the networks that unknown cyber attackers have penetrated the security of the database through an infiltration of the Shanghai police. Such is the magnitude of the data leak that it has been described as the largest cybersecurity breach China and the world has ever experienced.

Acting under total anonymity, the hacker group has offered to sell the more than 23 terabytes of data stolen from China. Within this, we have names, addresses, places of birth, phone numbers, identity documents and even criminal cases. Basically, all the sensitive and private information of Chinese citizens. The most surprising thing is that the proposal was discovered in a cybercrime forum.

There, the anonymous hacker, demanded a total payment of 10 Bitcoins, which with the current price drop, are worth approximately $200,000. He is asking for relatively little money for the amount of information allegedly stolen, but for the time being no bids have been placed for the data package.

For now, after the situation was leaked, the Chinese cybersecurity community is still wondering what could have happened that hackers were able to breach their defenses but for now neither the country’s authorities, nor the police, nor the Cyberspace Administration of China, have responded to the situation. In any case, China is not a transparent country, revealing what happens and even less in a hacking case like this one, so it is possible that the truth about how the whole thing happened will never be known.

It is speculated that to exploit the security breach, they had to have a partner in a third-party cloud, from the country’s big suppliers such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Tencent Holdings Ltd. or Huawei Technologies Co.

Minor cases of leaks had already been seen, such as in 2016, where the information of dozens of Communist Party officials or that of Jack Ma (CEO of Alibaba), was exposed on Twitter. Another case, would be in 2020, where Weibo Corp. announced that hackers had stolen the account information of more than 538 million users although in this case, fortunately no important data such as user passwords were leaked.


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