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Survival in the Wild West


Wild West Dynasty unveils its first teaser-trailer and will be coming to PC via Steam this year

Thanks to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 not a few players had the pleasure of getting lost in the vast landscapes of the wild west in an open world adventure. But if after playing it you were left wanting more, even to set up your own city in these territories, you may be interested to note the name of Wild West Dynasty, a survival adventure and creation of settlements for PC.

Through Steam the video game is presented as a unique blend of role-playing, survival, life simulation, resource management and city building where you get into the skin of a lone survivor to find a place to stay and climb the property ladder. You may even become mayor of one of the bustling towns. You have no limits.

Part of its appeal lies in the exploration of the land, allowing the user to ride through a huge open world with multiple environments, all filled with dangers (unforgiving wilderness with scorching midday temperatures, freezing cold nights and dangerous wildlife), treasures, secrets and plenty of free space to make the task of building a town that is also prosperous a reality.

Wild West Dynasty also wants to be a game with a story, guaranteeing in its presentation an adventure with dozens of missions, different dialogue options and consequences where we will meet this lonely survivor. Now we just have to wait for its release, which according to its authors should not take long. The production has its premiere on Steam for this year.


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