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Company of Heroes 3 release


Company of Heroes 3 now has a release date, and today you can try out its Alpha Mission

Company of Heroes 3 confirms release date and an Alpha Mission in North Africa that you can try right now, just by registering in the COH-Development program.

Company of Heroes 3, the new installment of the popular PC strategy saga, confirms its release date and opens Steam reservations. It will be released on November 17 when Company of Heroes 3 goes on sale, although you will be able to try it before if you sign up for the Alpha Mission.

This RTS installment, developed by Relic Entertainment and published by SEGA, returns to World War II in two experiences set in the Italian Dynamic Campaign and North Africa, in which you can play with four factions.

The surprise is that the Alpha Mission is playable right now, and is open to all players. If you were in any of the previous pre-alpha’s you’ll see the Alpha Mission automatically in your Steam library, but you can also sign up for Relic’s community feedback program, COH-Development.

If you sign up to the program, you’ll be able to play the alpha mission, from the North Africa campaign, for free from today, July 12 through July 19.

The two experiences of Company of Heroes 3 will have differences. The Italian Dynamic Campaign, which was announced just over a year ago, is an open-ended, branching, highly replayable experience that will chronicle Operation Husky, the invasion of Allied troops of the island of Sicily in the summer of 1943, allowing decisions to be made outside of the battlefield.

The North Africa Operation campaign, on the other hand, will be more classic, narrative-driven, but with many new mechanics, such as using tanks for fast coordinated assaults, side armor, enemy vehicle recovery and vehicle towing, allowing repositioning of more powerful artillery, such as the German Flak 36 and the British 17-pounder.

Company of Heroes 3 comes out on November 17 and is available for pre-order now, in physical and digital editions on Steam. There are also two digital editions, including a Premium one with a season pass that will give access to the first expansion coming out in 2023.

On the other hand, the Premium physical edition will include the Devil’s Brigade DLC, Service Medal, a pocket compass, the Collector’s Edition Book and more digital extras.


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