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Starlink Marine, $5,000 per month


Broadband Internet for yachts in the middle of the Pacific: Starlink Marine, for ‘only’ $5,000 per month

Starlink is the project of SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aerospace company, to provide broadband Internet access on a global scale and via satellite. This service is designed to provide connectivity to environments where cable operators do not usually reach: from rural areas to countries at war.

However, the two examples above have something in common: they are on land. However, a priori this should not be a limitation for Starlink, which after all operates from outer space. Certainly, there are not many potential users who might be interested in accessing from another environment. But most of them also have something else in common: they are rich.

From large merchant ships to oil rigs, from millionaires with yachts who don’t want to stop using their streaming platform subscriptions while cruising the ocean with their yachts, they are all willing to pay big bucks to enjoy high-speed Internet on the high seas.

Starlink has just announced (without advertising or events) the launch of its Starlink Maritime tariff. Its cost? 5,000 dollars per month (the service can be paused at any time) for 350Mbps of speed.

Although, of course, to that must be added another $10,000 for the receiving equipment that users must install on the roof or deck of the ship… and the installation itself, shipping, maintenance, taxes….

Recently, Musk himself came out in defense of his company’s pricing policy, claiming that these are high-performance dual terminals, which is “important for maintaining connection in rough seas and heavy storms,” as well as resisting corrosion from seawater.

“Obviously, we’re talking ‘premium’ pricing, but it’s still much cheaper and faster than the alternatives – at SpaceX we were paying $150,000 a month for a much worse connection with our ships!”

If you’re one of those users with Internet in the middle of the Pacific, just know that the cost of Starlink when you settle back on land is much more affordable: ‘only’ $599 for installation and $110 per month for the service.


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