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Instagram now has its own OnlyFans, with photos and posts for a fee

After much waiting, paid Instagram is here. But that doesn’t mean we have to pay a subscription to enjoy additional features; at least, not yet.

Instagram’s strategy involves taking a portion of the payments to content creators, who will now be able to create exclusive posts for subscribers. In other words, if you don’t pay, you won’t be able to see that additional content, be it photos or Reels.

This exclusive content will be easily identified, as it will be marked by a new icon with a crown and the word “Exclusive”; it couldn’t be easier. This will indicate that only subscribers of this creator, who pay for the privilege, will be able to see the content.

Creators will be able to price this exclusive content, with a limit of $100 per month; it sounds like a lot, but Instagram clearly trusts that the appeal of celebrities and personalities using its platform will be enough to convince users.

This is not a feature aimed at the average user, who just casually looks at Instagram; the real target are the fans and fans of creators using Instagram, who don’t want to miss a single post from their favorite artist, influencer or celebrity.

This makes it easier to understand the other big new feature: an exclusive chat for subscribers. Account owners can create rooms with up to 30 people of those who pay for their subscription, an experience closer to the creator, who will be able to talk to their fans in a more personal way. In addition, subscribers will be identified by a new icon next to their username.

Creators will be able to set the monthly payment of their subscription, and a new button on their profile will allow us to subscribe. At the moment, this feature is only available to a limited number of creators, but Instagram promises that it will expand it to more users and other countries in the coming months; as it also promises that, for the time being, it will not make money from these subscriptions. While the feature is in testing mode, creators will receive 100% of subscription payments, at least until 2023.

It’s clear that Instagram, and by extension Meta, wants to leverage the big names on its platform for a new revenue stream. In that sense, it’s a similar scheme to other subscription platforms like OnlyFans or Patreon, which offer exclusive content for subscribers.


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