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New Skate will be free


The new Skate will be free, with micropayments and will simply be called ‘skate.’

In lowercase and with a dot at the end; this will be the name of the new game in the Skate saga, which until now and in the absence of official confirmation was known as ‘Skate 4’. The developers in charge of the project, responsible for the Full Circle studio, have published a new video in which they have unraveled the reason for this name, which contains much more than it may seem at first: it is not a numbered installment because it is a living project that will be updated over the years with the help of the community.

As a result of this game-as-a-service nature, skate. will be a completely free-to-play game. A free-to-play, in fact, since it will include microtransactions which they have assured will be respectful of the game experience: no loot boxes, no blocked areas of the map, no gameplay advantages, of course, since they assure they do not want to turn the game into a pay-to-win. The references are at home: Apex Legends, also published by Electronic Arts, is one of the optional purchase models that Full Circle is looking at for its game.

It will also have seasons, or so it appears from the words of one of those responsible for the project, the head of product management Isabelle Mocquard, who mentions “many regular updates”. The idea for this new Skate is that it will be “a game to come back to” to discover new ways to play and interesting twists, always based on requests and feedback from the community. “There will be no Skate 5 to 10,” say Cuz Parry, creative director, referring to the decision to discard the numbered installments.

About the release date of skate, Full Circle says that although they still don’t have an exact date and the project is in early stages of development, their intention is to integrate the community from the beginning; this is something they made clear recently when they opened registrations so that fans could sign up for the first alpha tests of the game. They also say that they do not want to anticipate the release date in order not to set unrealistic goals, so they assure that it will come out “when it’s ready”.

Finally, Full Circle has confirmed that skate. will not only be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, but also on PS4 and Xbox One, and they are even exploring a mobile version. All will feature cross-play and cross-progress.


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