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Blue Screen of Death


Visual montage of what the Blue Screens of Death have looked like in all versions of Windows

The legendary Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) with which Windows laments when it is already in a terminal and unrecoverable situation is a classic among classics. Although its severity depends on somewhat unpredictable and of course unmanageable circumstances, people take it almost as a joke and it is common to see shared photos of some of them in unusual places. For that reason in MyComputerXPFan Studios they mounted this video compilation of all the blue screen of the death that has had Windows from Windows 1.0 to Windows 11.

In those 36 years of blue deaths between Windows 1.0 (1985) and Windows 11 (2021) there is everything, although they say that they have saved those that are “repeated” and those of the beta versions. Accompanied by beeps, bells and other noises, there are all kinds of them: in graphic mode, in text mode, in blue, with hexadecimal memory dump, without it… Legend has it that Steve Ballmer himself wrote the original text, which can be a rather clumsy way of linking your name to the memory of the most negative connotations possible for a product.

In the process you see the startup of the different versions of Windows, how the “error of death” is provoked with a specific application -which appears in a dialog box- and then already the BSoD itself.

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