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PlayStation announces closure of its customer support Twitter account

Customer support services are vital to a company. Over the years it has seen a progression when it comes to providing it: first it was by phone call, giving way to emails, YouTube videos or even social networks.

However, PlayStation has made an important decision for the future. The Japanese company, one of the more successful entertainment companies all around the world, has announced the cessation of activities on the Ask PlayStation account on Twitter.

This Twitter account was used to clarify doubts and address various issues related to Sony PlayStation products. As of August 1, it will no longer be available. This has been confirmed by Sony… on the Ask PlayStation account itself.

As of August 1, PlayStation Support via Twitter will no longer be available. To connect with PlayStation Support please visit the official website”.

Fortunately this is only one of the fronts on which PlayStation operates. Although customer support will no longer be active on Twitter, it will still be possible to access it from the official website or on its YouTube channel.
In this link you will find the PlayStation support page (available in several regions and languages). On the other hand, the PlayStation Support YouTube channel will solve all your doubts thanks to its video tutorials.

Ask PlayStation is an account where any user can ask questions. Each tweet is answered by a specialist in charge of support, sometimes complemented with videos, images or links to articles on the web.

Social networks are great tools for communication, of that there is no doubt although on Twitter we always have to face users full of unjustified hate.

It is possible that Sony has decided that it is not worth continuing in a social network dedicated to insult and is focusing on other channels where they can serve their customers in a kinder way.


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