London is a city filled with ancient history, having been around long before even the Romans. There have been battles, fires, sicknesses and pestilences, as well as everything from violent deaths to whirlwind romances. No wonder, therefore, that some suggest the spirits of people who have loved and lost in London still remain, and many of these seem to congregate in the many pubs and taverns in the city. So, if you are a budding ghost hunter or simply want to experience something spooky, where should you go on a night out in London?

Camden’s The Black Cap

The Black Cap in Camden first gained a license in the 18th century. Everybody knows that the very first landlady of the pub was witch. She brewed and served ales, but she also made various potions. Rumour has it that she helped people kill off their ex-lovers, and some suggest she even killed off a few customers. Interestingly, both her mother and father were hung for witchcraft, having used black magic to kill children. Customers say that her spirit is still in the pub, particularly early on Sunday mornings. This is when you can see various shadows covering the windows. If you try to take a photograph of them, however, they mysteriously vanish.

The black cap in London

Bow’s The Bow Bells

This Mile End pub is said to house a ghost that loves toilet humour. It isn’t known whether it is a male or a female, but it is a particularly pesky spirit. When going to the female restroom, the spirit will often flush the toilet while someone is using it. The first time the spirit was noticed was in the 1970s, and it has been present ever since. In 1974, the landlord held a séance in an attempt to get rid of the ghost. During this event, a medium asked the spirit to come forward, which resulted in the door of the lady’s bathroom being flung open. It flung so hard that one of the glass panes was smashed. Nobody knows who the spirit could be, where it came from and what its link to the pub is.

Highgate’s The Flask

Finally, there is the Flask in Highgate. This is found right next door to Highgate Cemetery, and it seems that some of the spirits have gotten restless and congregate in the pub on regular occasions. One particular spirit is believed to be that of a Spanish waitress who took her own life by hanging herself in the basement of the pub. This area is now open to the public as a sitting area. She was in a relationship with a publican and the relationship went sour, over which she allegedly killed herself. She seems to be a playful, romantic spirit, sensually blowing down the neck of customers and gently moving their glasses. At times, however, she takes things slightly too far, making the temperature drop significantly and swaying the lights backwards and forwards. She’s not the only spirit in the pub either, with a man wearing a Cavalier uniform regularly seen walking through the pub, disappearing straight into one of the pillars.

For those more timid amongst you, there are plenty of options for a night out in London that won’t send a shiver down your spine. From the vibe and buzz of the many pubs and clubs, to the more relaxing setting of Winks London, the city has something for everyone!


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