Do-it-yourself holidays have become a way for independent adventurers to explore the world in their own way. Researching and booking separate flights and accommodation is the perfect way to customise your holiday, however, the downside of DIY holidays is cost. Booking a bespoke trip can often leave holidaymakers out of pocket which is why so many choose to go down the package holiday route instead.

Prospective travellers often think you do not get the same freedom with package holidays as you would with a DIY version. They presume an amazing destination will come with poor accommodation, or excellent entertainment will require a compromise of just average food and drink. However, a growing trend sees travel companies looking to satisfy everyone’s holiday needs in the best ways possible. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) found in their latest travel trends report that that 51% of people are booking package holidays, and tour operators are incorporating more special events, local festivals, and one-of-a-kind experiences into their offerings. The security and low cost of package holidays means this form of holidaying still reigns supreme.

Package travel

As well as the obvious benefit of being cost-effective, package holidays have a couple of other perks, as well, such as a simple booking process. You don’t have to research every single element of your trip, and can choose the perfect getaway quickly. In recent years, all types of travellers have been rediscovering the benefits (a list of which can be found here), and it isn’t just families and couples opting for the quick and easy package experience.

Package holidays are no longer just about keeping the kids entertained and having a complimentary poolside cocktail; niche markets can also benefit immensely. Are you looking to travel to a child-free zone, or to somewhere wheelchair-friendly? Perhaps you want a destination with a large LGBT community, a hotel that has activities for the older generation or resorts that cater to lone travellers? There’s a growing need to cater to niche tourism markets, and package holidays offer a way to do this that’s affordable for the traveller and helps the company reach a diverse segment.

Recently, the DIY holiday has begun to merge with the package holiday. Travellers can now get the best of both – a cheaper deal but with a more focused and customised package that has personal requirements at the forefront. No longer two separate entities, the allure of the package can be combined with the freedom of the do-it-yourself. With the two very different holiday types predicted to blend even more in coming years, we see a great future for the DIY package deal.

Kayleigh Crispin is a travel writer who specialises in creative website content, compelling articles and magical stories. She writes from whichever country she finds herself in but can always be contacted via email.


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