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A Few Things You Should Know before Going to Peru


Many South American countries, including Peru, seem to have been untouched by the passing of time. People still live in ancient ways, in harmony with nature. Unsurprisingly, tours such as the Peru Splendors Globus Tour package are incredibly popular. Before you embark on this adventure, however, there are a few things you should familiarize yourself with about Peru.

1 Avoid Ceviche in the Afternoon

Fish in Peru is freshly caught, where it is brought into the ports, flopping about, on the morning. It is then killed and gutted, chopped and marinated and the locals then eat their Ceviche for breakfast or maybe lunch. By this time, it is still fresh and delicious. Restaurants started to offer Ceviche as standard on their menu, much to the horror of local Peruvians. By the time afternoon sets in, the fish is no longer fresh and tastes horrible. To make matters worse, you will pay twice as much for it because you’re in a restaurant. Simply head to the docks or markets on the morning and get the real deal.

Peruvian ceviche

2 Watch Your Plastic

If you use your credit card, be that at a tourist agency, restaurant or hotel, regardless of where you use it in the country, you will be charged an extra 6% to 10% on your bill, simply for using a credit card. The Peruvians will tell you that the credit card companies have set this rule, but that isn’t quite true. After all, if you withdraw money from an ATM machine using your credit card, you will only pay a 2% to 3% fee. Hence, withdraw some money and pay in cash instead to save some money.

3 Avoid Clandestine Taxis

Everyone with a car in Peru believes they are a taxi driver. Indeed, you can buy a plastic taxi sign on every market. Unfortunately, many crooks end up purchasing these signs with the sole purpose of driving you into the countryside and robbing you. What you should look for if you do want to take a taxi, is one with a boxed sign that actually lights up. They will also have a registration sign in their window. Taxis are cheap, so don’t worry about having to pay lots for the real deal.

4 Get Yourself a Pisco IV

Peruvians like to drink and regardless of what your personal choice of drink is, you should always try a Pisco IV. It is not unlike brandy, although a lot fierier made from crushed grapes. It is also the country’s true national pride. You can drink it pure, but you may want to consider mixing it with something like lime juice or ginger ale, not in the least because it is strong stuff.

Peru is a country of great beauty and wonder and you are guaranteed to build memories there that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, the four tips above will help you to enjoy your time there even more. And enjoy your Pisco IV!


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