Are you planning a family holiday but want to do something a little bit different? Here are 5 alternatives that are sure to make for a memorable family trip.

Do a Volunteering Project

Even though most people associate vacations and trips with indulging in eating, drinking, and spending money on sightseeing, giving back to a community can be equally rewarding. People volunteer for a number of reasons, but what many don’t realize is that it can be just as adventurous and fun as doing anything else you might on a trip out of town. There are more programs out there than one might realize and there is just about something for everyone in terms of doing something that they are passionate and care about. You can get in touch with specialist volunteering companies and organisers who can help you plan and organise volunteering opportunities. You might find yourself building a donation house, helping to restore forests, and cleaning up habitats for your favorite wild animal – just some of the endless possibilities out there.

Go Cycling in France

Even though it is tempting to eat and lounge as much as we possibly can during our time off, there is a way to get both a thrilling experience and lots of exercise at the same time. Going on a cycling trip in France is a unique and fun way to see the countryside and explore the cities, as there is no view quite like the one from a bicycle. Not only will your entire family feel good at the end of the day, but it will be a memorable adventure that will make some great stories to tell when you get home.

Cycling in France

Ghost Hunting Tour in Ireland

Ireland is known for its pretty landscapes, lively pubs, and haunted castles and historic buildings. If your family is looking for a fun and unique way to get a thrill, look into going on a ghost hunting tour around the island. There are over 2,500 castles in Ireland, many of which you can stay in overnight and have been known to have some paranormal residence. In addition to that, there are bus tours that will take you from place to place with an expert who knows how to find the most chilling spots all around and can educate you in the history of the location as well.

Go Greek island Hopping

The Greek islands are home to white sands, blue waters, and some of the most picturesque places on Earth that might seem like a slice of heaven. Perhaps the best way to experience this paradise is to arrange to do some island hopping in order to get the most ”bang for your buck” and to see what paradise really looks like, like the Domes of Elounda in Crete. There are tours and vacation packages that can take you and your family out to the islands, and this is without doubt the best way to explore some of the most rural and amazing parts of Greece there is to see.

Watch the Northern Lights in Iceland

It might take some future planning to go during the right time of year, but it has been said that seeing the northern lights in Iceland is a out of this world experience. Iceland itself is a beautiful and eco friendly country to visit. The bright colors can be captured as waves in the night sky, giving you your very own picture show under the stars. There are also a few resorts in Iceland that are specifically ideal for seeing these lights, so you won’t need to bother with setting up a camping trip out in the open land.


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